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Self-stabilizing, community driven and game theory enhanced liquidity protocol

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A smarter way to transfer value

Sigmadex is a decentralized, cross-chain, and multi asset marketplace governed by its community.

Balanced economics for peace of mind

By incentivizing consumer fairness through game theory and cross-chain operability, Sigmadex creates a transparent system designed to perfectly manage supply and demand through a growth oriented monetary system.

For developers


SDEX.js is the native JavaScript library which allows developers to build robust DeFi applications on top of the Sigmadex Protocol. The library allows simple interfacing with the Sigmadex smart contracts while enabling developers to seamlessly integrate further functionality into their applications.

const SigmaSDK = require('@sdexjs/sdk').SDK;

const settings = {
       // Required when interacting with the bsc

      bscNodeEndpoint: '<node endpoint>',

let SigmaSDK = await SigmaSDK.create(settings);

       // Set source to DAI
const srcToken = {
       blockchainType: 'bsc',
       blockchainId: '0x1af3f329e8be154074d8769d1ffa4ee058b1dbc3'


TBD 2021


First Iteration

Q1 2022

Second Iteration

Q2-Q3 2022

Third Iteration



Impermanent Loss

Sigmadex mitigates impermanent losses, enabling more capital to flow into liquidity pools by using adaptive mathematical models. This creates appropriate incentives for balancing the SDEX ecosystem long term.

Game Theory

for Removing Emotions

Injected mathematical models will uphold stability in a volatile market. Sigmadex will be able to achieve an equilibrium that outperforms existing collateralized liquidity models. By optimizing penalty and reward mechanics, all temperatures of investment risk will stimulate economic performance.

Game theory image.Game theory image.Game theory image.Game theory image.
Cross-chain image.Cross-chain image.Cross-chain image.Cross-chain image.


for Global Interlacing

Sigmadex utilizes scalable infrastructure to its full extent by optimizing its core for multi-chain and cross-chain communication. This opens doors for other blockchain networks to seamlessly communicate and transfer data efficiently with each other.

Liquidity Focused

for Optimal Execution

Sigmadex proposes a healthy amount of staking incentives for end users to provide liquidity in token pools. By enabling multiple layers of rewards based on collective models, we are able to create a liquidity framework that scales appropriately with market demand.

Liquidity image.Liquidity image.Liquidity image.Liquidity image.
Algorithmic collateralization engine image.Algorithmic collateralization engine image.Algorithmic collateralization engine image.Algorithmic collateralization engine image.

Collateralization Engine

for Loans and Synthetic Assets

The Sigma Risk Index is an Algorithmic Collaterlization Engine which continually ingests market data and uses machine learning to assess the ideal amount of collateralization at any specific time.

NFT Farming


Early protocol adopters will have the opportunity to farm a limited amount of NFTs for use with the Sigmadex Protocol. These powerful tokens have the ability to override the standard parameters of the penalty/reward system and can provide holders with incredibly valuable one off benefits.

SDEX Token


The supply of SDEX inflates to reward liquidity providers with a fair interest rate.


Deflationary mechanics are used to balance the ecosystem and create token scarcity.


The SDEX token is used to evenly balance liquidity pools and open liquidity providing contracts.


Sigmadex uses its native SDEX token for enabling the community to govern its protocol variables.

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Intuitive interface

The Sigmadex user interface is a fully transparent, easy to use interface, designed specifically for users to harness the multitude of powerful data sets the platform has to offer.

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