Decentralized perpetual liquidity protocol
infused with game theory

A smarter way to transfer value.

Sigmadex is a decentralized, cross-chain, and multi asset marketplace governed by its community.

Game Theory

for Removing Emotions

Injected mathematical models will uphold stability in a volatile market. Sigmadex will be able to achieve an equilibrium that outperforms existing collateralized liquidity models. By optimizing penalty and reward mechanics, all temperatures of investment risk will stimulate economic performance.


for Global Interlacing

Sigmadex utilizes the Polkadot infrastructure to its full extent by optimizing its core for cross-chain communication. This opens doors for other blockchain networks to seamlessly communicate and transfer data efficiently with each other.

Liquidity Focused

for Optimal Execution

Sigmadex proposes a healthy amount of staking incentives for end users to provide liquidity in token pools. By enabling multiple layers of rewards based on collective models, we are able to create a liquidity framework that scales appropriately with market demand.

Collateralization Engine

for Creating Synthetic Assets

The Sigma Risk Index is an Algorithmic Collaterlization Engine (ACE) which continually ingests market data and uses machine learning to assess the ideal amount of collateralization at any specific time.

Lightpaper V2 coming soon.